The 2020 SKSC Recreational Program Registrar is Gary Russell.  He can be reached at .

The Rec Program Registrar ( is on line 10 – noon & 4 – 6 PM weekdays registering, processing teams and answering emails.  He is almost impossible to reach on the weekends!!

Contact the club President, Ryan DeCrona ( if you have a registration emergency and can’t reach the registrar.

Good news! The club did not raise registration fees for 2020 (five years in a row). 

Micro (Birth year 2015 - 2012):  $125

Mod (Birth year 2010 - 2011):  $155

Regulation (Birth year 2001 – 2009):  $185

Note: The registration vendor charges a separate $2 processing fee for all registrations... this is a fee charged by the registration platform and is non-refundable.


Discounts:  Early registration April 1st to May 11th:  $10

                   Family:  $25 second child, $35 each for all others

                   Head Coach discount:  $30

NEW - Late fee:  $25 for registrations after July 25th


The club will roster players when their fees are paid in full or a payment plan is in place.  All fees must be paid in full by August 1st, 2020.  (SKSC Policy & Procedures 301 B)