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Are you interested in volunteering to serve as a coach, team manager, or in some other capacity?  If so, you'll need to complete some basic training requirements (required by law) and pass a background check.  There are no fees associated with these requirements, and it will take you a couple of hours to complete all the portions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Volunteer Registration:


Q: How many years are my Safesport, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, and Concussion Awareness certificates good for?


A: The following are the re-certification requirements:

  1. Safesport is an annual requirement.  A refresher needs to be completed before RMA will be complete.

  2. Concussion Awareness is annual.  A new course has to be completed before RMA will be completed.

  3. Sudden Cardiac Arrest is on a three-year basis.  Certificate verification will be completed before your RMA is completed.


Q: I have uploaded the certificates, but my RMA status still shows as expired.


A: The RMA process is based on a two-person factor.  The Director of Competition will verify the information is correct, and the NSYSA RMA manager will sign off on it.  The Director of Competition will notify you of any problems with the process.  Director of Competition:


Q: I am a minor without a driver’s license and would like to register, but the system will not allow me to submit the request.


A: Currently the system is giving an error between Blue Sombrero (our registration system) and Sports Affinity (the background check and training certificate system).  We are working with WSYSA to rectify the problem.  All questions concerning this issue need to be directed to the Director of Competition for tracking purposes.  Director of Competition:


Q: Who do I contact in regard to SKSC’s RMA process?


A: The club registrar:

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