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Covid-19 Updates:

This is an unprecented time for our world, as well as our club.  As we receive more information about potential impacts to our programs, we will post them here on this page.  


Washington's new regional approach to Covid restrictions give us some additional hope that we will see a full return-to-play option for our select and recreational teams soon!  Our select teams continue to have normal practices, but are prohibited from playing against other teams until we reach phase 2.  Our Executive Board is working on plans for the 2021 recreational season, and we expect to open registration for that program on April 1.


On behalf of South Kitsap Soccer Club we are sorry to report that there will not be a Fall 2020 recreational soccer season. 


It is our strong desire that all players continue to get their feet on a soccer ball as often as possible, get some exercise, and increase their soccer abilities in the midst of the closure.


Thank you for sticking with us to this point. We have tried to make this season work, but with limited fields and no other clubs playing it is an impossibility. We look forward to engaging with all of you through our Facebook page and

07/01/2020: Select and Recreational Program Updates

The only consistent thing thus far during the 2020/21 season has been that changes are consistent!  As you have probably heard, the Governor has ordered a state-wide mask requirement which became effective on Friday June 26th.  This is what we know thus far per the Mandate:

  • Masks will be required to be worn in all public spaces effective 6/26/20, when social distancing "can not be maintained".

  • Individuals who may be “adversely impacted” by wearing a mask are exempt (see below).

  • Masks are not required in outdoor areas, "PROVIDED A DISTANCE OF SIX FEET CAN BE MAINTAINED".

  • There is no specific exemption for sports activities at this time, even though the Governor alluded to it during his verbal comments (still waiting for more direction on this from the health department when it becomes available).

  • We have players and parents who for various reasons will not be wearing a mask as they fall under the "adversely impacted" category.  SKSC staff will NOT be taking any role in enforcing the mask requirement.  We are not medically trained to determine whether anyone's "adversely impacted" status is approved, nor are we legally able to enforce the Governor's mandate.  

  • There is a FAQ that the Governor provided regarding what to do if you see someone not wearing a mask, and the answer is “nothing”.

So what does this look like for South Kitsap Soccer Club? (currently in Phase 2) 

  • We will encourage mask use at all activities as we can not guarantee that we will be able to maintain six feet of separation during training.  With Phase 3 pending (frozen momentarily) for Kitsap County, we will be able to move forward into "flow-of-play" contact standards, allowing us to run scrimmages and games, but also increasing the amount of potential contact.

  • Our "encouragement" to wear masks will occur over email and during whole-team meetings, as it pertains to general instructions regarding Return to Play planning.  We will not be addressing mask usage on an individual basis with any player or parent.

  • If you choose not to wear a mask, that is a personal decision and will not be questioned by ANY staff member.  We ask that players and parents respect the privacy of others and do the same.  

  • We will increase our focus upon regular use of hand sanitizer and will continue to disinfect equipment prior to use and not allow for throw-ins or any ball handling exercises.  

  • Social distancing efforts will continue outside of the flow-of-play (sidelines, etc.) regardless of whether we are in Phase 2, Phase 3, or whether masks are required.

As always, feel free to reach out to the club via email on the website.  We'll continue to provide updates as things change but please bear in mind that as requirements change, we have to have a bit of time to be able to adapt our program to those changes.  That means when things like the mask orders are announced by the Governor, your coaches are just as confused as you are about the implementation of rules.  Please give us a day or two to update staff and we will update teams as soon as possible of the impacts.

Thanks again for all of your patience and cooperation during these unprecedented times.

Let's remember to be kind and positive to all staff and players while on and off the field!


Thank you - SK Soccer

06/21/2020: Select and Recreational Program Updates

Kitsap County has submitted their request to the Governor to enter Phase 3 of the State's Safe Start plan.  Our select teams are already on the field practicing, and Phase 3 will allow the return to full contact play and games.  Spectators will be limited and social distancing on the sidelines will continue.  Expect the same arrangements for recreational programs in the Fall.

Recreational programs are still open for registration and teams are being formed.  

06/10/2020: SK United and Recreational Program Updates

SK United (select) has been approved by Kitsap County return to play under the plan we submitted to the County Commissioners this week.  Teams will begin practicing this week!  Phase 3 has also been modified by the State to allow teams to compete in games, so if all goes well, we could be set to begin competitive play this month!

Our recreational programs are open for registration and plans are underway for the fall season. Due to the need to maintain appropriate space, we will likely utilize several of the county's fields (as in previous years) to be able to spread out teams a bit more.  Things will look a bit different as we adapt to state and county requirements, but we are committed to finding ways to get our players and coaches out on the field for an awesome fall season!

Remember, in the event that the unexpected happens and the fall season is cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions, refunds will be issued.

05/22/2020: SK United and Recreational Program Updates

All of SKSC's programs are gearing up for a return to play.  The select program has formed teams and is conducting online training while we wait for our state's progression to "Phase 2", which will allow us to return to on-the-field play.

Our recreational program is open for registration and teams will be formed later next month.  Plans for the fall season are being made and we will be focusing heavily on member safety, abiding by all state and association required social distancing mandates.  While the season may look different in terms of our field usage and spacing, we FULLY expect to be running a "normal" fall season program.

In the unlikely event that programs are cancelled due to state mandates, refunds WILL be issued.

04/26/2020: SK United (Select) and Recreational Program Update

Both SKSC's fall recreational program and select soccer program (SK United) are open for registration.  While the on-the-field impacts of Covid-19 will most likely result in having to adapt to specific social distancing mandates, both programs are accepting registration and plans are being made for the season ahead.

SK United (select) will not be holding tryouts this year based upon the stay-at-home order's impact, but teams will be formed starting May 1 based upon the pool of registered players.  

You can sign up for select soccer at:

You can sign up for fall recreational soccer at:

04/21/2020: SK United (Select) Update

We're holding team meetings this week and will start forming teams on May 1, 2020!!!  If you are a returning or new player, sign up at:

Tryouts will not be held in the usual manner, but signing up via the tryout registration link will allow us to contact you regarding team formation.  Any questions, email

04/13/2020: Recreational Program Registration is Open!

Registration is now open for SKSC Fall Recreation Programs.  No payment is required at the time of registration as we recognize that families may need additional flexibility due to the current Covid-19 reality.  Register at the below link, you may need to create a Sports Connect account if you do not already have one.

04/10/2020 Update on Registration for Fall Recreational Programs:


We are finalizing the registration system for the 2020 Fall Rec season which is scheduled to begin on August 29 with a club-wide single-day tournament! Registration links should be active by Monday and available on Facebook, and at


As in previous years, we have sponsorship funds available to assist families who are in need of monetary assistance to cover registration fees. Funds this year are more limited due to the reduction in sponsorship funds, but we will continue to actively work with everyone to figure out ways to enable players to participate.

04/10/2020 SK United Update:

Players, Parents and Coaches:

I hope everyone is staying healthy and making the best of these unique times. While we are not yet able to return to soccer activities, we are actively working to prepare for a return to play at the earliest and safest opportunity available. While there is still a lot of uncertainty about what the year ahead will look like, my primary goal remains to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to play this year.

There are a couple of immediate things that everyone needs to be aware of to ensure that we can connect with members as plans are rapidly evolving:

1) Our subscription period for Teamsnap is expiring in early May and we will NOT be renewing the platform as we are transitioning to SportsEngine upon team formation. To ensure that you receive updates regarding league play, tryouts, training, and team activities, we have set up a "SK United" Facebook page. Please either use the link below to "like" the page or use the link on the current SKSC facebook site to access and "like" the new page.

2) Over the next two weeks, I will begin transitioning all club and team communications to the SK United facebook page. Teams can continue to utilize their teamsnap communication platforms through the date of expiration for internal messaging, but the Facebook page will be the source for updates.

3) By the end of the day, you will see a new event show up in Teamsnap scheduled for May 1, 2020, and titled "Return to Play". In order to plan for the 2020/21 season, we need to get an accurate idea as to who is planning to return to play with SK United this year. We realize that plans may change, but PLEASE indicate your current intentions by checking "yes" or "no" if you are planning to play with SK United this year. I would ask that EVERYONE please update their status by April 14, 2020. Once we receive updates, we will have a better idea as to any adjustments that need to be made to teams and assign coaching staff.

4) Later today, I will be sending out some training resources to help players prepare for a return to play and tryouts. Expect that these will be paired with various challenges and competitions over the SK United Facebook pages so you can compete with your friends and teammates. Prizes will be available to help incentivize players to stay engaged.

Coaches will be asked to reach out to all players on their teams to assist in updating their "return to play" statuses and to ensure that everyone is set up with the new facebook page for further updates.

Enjoy the beautiful weather this week and try to get a soccer ball at your feet!

-Matthew McDaniel

VP of Select (SK United)

SKSC 04/06/2020 Update:

Online registration will be opening soon for 2020 recreation-level play.  Given the financial limitations that many families are currently experiencing, we are currently working on an option to allow registration without requiring immediate payment of registration fees. Once completed, we will post registration links on the website and Facebook.

SK United 04/04/2020 Update:


Players, Parents and Coaches:

Since our season was suspended due to Covid-19 a few weeks ago, I have been in frequent communciation with other clubs and our governing authorities in an effort to provide some concrete information as to what to expect in the coming months regarding SK United, the SKSC rec program, and soccer in our community as a whole.  There still remains more questions than answers, but I am hopeful that in the next two weeks I will be able to provide more specific information.

This is what I know so far:

Spring League: The league is still planning on completing spring league after the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.  However, this will depend entirely upon when the stay-at-home order is lifted, and what social distancing restrictions remain in effect afterwards.  

Return to Play: Our expectation is that WA clubs will not be cleared to return to on-the-field activities until at least June.  During the next month, our club will begin providing some options for training activities you can work on at home to keep up your skills and conditioning.  We will send out information via email, the website, and Facebook.

Tryouts and 2020/21 Season:

-Nothing has been determined at this point, but one of the plans under consideration at the state/national association level is to allow teams to "re-sign" all existing players effective May 1, without a need for tryouts.  Supplemental tryouts for additional players would then be held later this summer, (likely August). 

-While this option secures return-to-team rights for existing players in our club, it obviously has significant impacts for players who are wanting to switch clubs.  The league is still looking at this issue and hopes to have additional guidance issued within the next week or two.  Whatever the end result may be, I will do everything I can to try and provide opportunities for all current players to return to team(s).

-For new players/teams coming from our rec program, I do not anticipate any significant issues.  I expect that once we return to play, we should be able to place rec players into select.

-We epect that the summer tournament season will be significantly impacted, and may look quite a bit different as many tournament hosts are unable to proceed with their normal planning.  

-One other change that is being considered is adjusting the team formation dates (typically in April/May after tryouts) to August.  This would likely mean that instead of starting our season with summer tourmament play for the 2020/21 season, we would start with fall/winter leagues, play in spring league, and then complete our year's program with tournament play.


SKSC's Executive Board meets on Sunday to discuss contingency plans for select and recreational programs and I will provide more frequent updates as details emerge from our board as well as the associations.  

I hope that everyone is staying healthy and making the best of the current situation. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email or phone.


Matthew McDaniel
VP of Select, SKSC-SK United
(253) 432-0505

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