Show your SKSC pride and support your club at the same time!  We are creating these stickers in-house in an effort to raise funds for new equipment and financial aid. Each sticker is approximately 5"x5" and are weather proof.  These can be applied to most semi-smooth surfaces.  


Additional colors are available upon request (

SKSC Vinyl Stickers

  • 1. Clean the surface with rubbing alcohol or soap and water.  Don't use Windex or other cleaning agents as it will leave a residue behind that may impact the adhesion.

    2. Prepare the sticker for application by firnly rubbing the clear transfer tape which covers the sticker.  This removes any air bubbles and helps the sticker adhere to the transfer tape.

    3. Slowly remove the paper backing.  If the sticker clings to the backing, replace the backing and repeat step 2.

    4. Slowly apply the sticker and transfer tape to the surface.  Firmly rub the sticker and transfer tape to remove any air bubbles and help the sticker adhere to the surface.

    5. Slowly pull the transfer tape off of the sticker.  If the sticker starts to pull up, replace the transfer tape and repeat step 4.