SK United 2021/22 Tryouts: Frequently Asked Questions

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When and where are tryout being held this year?

Tryouts are broken down by birth year and are held on the following dates and times. All tryouts will take place at either Marcus Whitman Middle School or Veterans Park (“Retsil”) in Port Orchard. All sessions will be held at Veterans Memorial Park, located at 985 Retsil Rd SE in Port Orchard.

U13-U15 Boys and Girls (turning 12-14 years old during 2021)

Session 1: 11-May 5:30-7:30p

Session 2: 12-May 5:30-7:30p

U16-U19 Boys (turning 15-18 years old during 2021)

16-May 3p-5p

U16-U19 Girls (turning 15-18 years old during 2021)

Session 1: 18-May 5:30-7:30p

Session 2: 19-May 5:30-7:30p

U9-U12 Boys and Girls (turning 8-11 years old during 2021)

Session 1: 20-May 5:30-7:30p

Session 2: 21-May 5:30-7:30p

Do I need to attend both tryout sessions?

Participants must attend at least one session to be considered for team placement. If you can not make one of the scheduled sessions, email for alternate arrangements.

While attendance at both sessions isn’t required, it is highly encouraged and can sometimes make the difference in whether a participant is selected for a team.

What do I need to bring to tryouts?

Participants should arrive at tryouts wearing a t-shirt (no club jerseys/uniforms should be worn) and shorts (or sweatpants if desired). Have your cleats on, shin guards in place, and bring sufficient water to last you through a 2-hour practice session. If you are trying out as a goal keeper, bring your keeper gloves.

Masks are currently required by the state, association, league and club. Masks must be worn at all times (even during tryouts) and must fully cover the mouth and nose.

What happens at tryouts?

Upon arrival, all participants will check in at a registration table and be given a numbered pinnie to wear. We will warm up as a group and then you will be assigned to a specific coach who will help you through the tryout session.

Tryouts look a lot like a “normal” soccer practice. You’ll be participating in technical sessions to display passing, first-touch, and other skills. We’ll quickly progress to 1v1 and 2v2 scrimmages and then finish with a larger “game”.

During tryouts, you will see coaches and other people standing around and taking notes. These individuals are helping us to rate your skill levels so we can make decisions after tryouts. Please do not approach these individuals or ask them any questions as they will not be able to answer them.

What am I evaluated on at tryouts?

We look for the obvious things like your technical skills (your first touch, passing ability, dribbling ability, shooting, etc.) as well as your tactical ability (attacking/defending).

However, we can train soccer skills. What is harder to develop is your hustle, attitude, work ethic, sportsmanship, leadership, and communication. Demonstrate these at tryouts and it goes a long way towards your success.

Be bold, take risks, and have fun. We look for those “difference-makers” at tryouts. Tryouts are not the time to be timid or hold back.

What happens after tryouts?

Immediately after tryouts, coaches and program staff begin reviewing the player pool and make decisions as to who will receive offers to join the team. This process begins quickly, but offers to players can take up to 72 hours to be finalized.

Participants will be notified via email as to whether they are being offered a position or not. If you are offered a position, we ask that you accept or reject the offer as soon as possible. Delaying your response to an acceptance could result in your roster position being offered to another participant.

Players who are not selected for this year’s teams can request to be contacted by program staff to receive feedback on what their observed strengths and weaknesses were, as well as options for development. We ask that players requesting feedback wait for at least 72 hours after tryouts before making the request.

Will there be a team available in my age group? Who will the coach be?

As we get closer to tryouts, we become better able to make projections as to the likely teams. We also aim to have coaches assigned to every team prior to tryouts, but in some cases, coach selections may be delayed until after tryouts. At this time, we are confident making the following projections:

Confirmed teams:

Girls 2005 (Lead: Jim White)

Girls 2006 (Lead: Matt McDaniel)

Girls 2007 (Lead: Wade Schmidt)

Girls 2008 (Lead: Alan Henry)

Girls 2009/10 (Lead: Greg Russell)

Boys 2009/10 (Lead: Joe Sciocchetti)

Boys 2011/12 (Still accepting coach applications)

Potential teams:

Girls 2011/12: Not enough registrations at this time to forecast team formation.

Boys 2007/2008: Not enough registrations at this time to forecast team formation.

Boys HS (2006-2003): Not enough registrations at this time to forecast team formation.

What can I do to increase the chances of a team being formed in my age group?

Encourage your friends to sign up for tryouts! Even if they end up not joining one of our teams, tryouts are a great opportunity to see how your skills compare to others in your age group. While we advertise as much as we can to bring in players to form teams, our players’ efforts are the biggest reason that other players join United.

What can I expect for the 2021/22 season if I join United?

Expect to be challenged. Our program and staff have high expectations for the coming year. Our 2020 teams took a number of first place finishes and will be moving up in competition for next year. As a result, we have to “up our game.” We’ll be expecting more out of our players, and expecting that players spend time outside of practices honing their technical and tactical skills.

Expect to serve. We expect a lot out of our players on the field, but we also expect a lot out of you off the field. We are committed to building leaders in the community, and expect that you will look for opportunities to give back to others, whether through assisting our recreational teams, helping coach or referee recreational teams, volunteering to assist with program events, or serving your community in other ways.

Expect to have fun. We’ll work hard this year, but we are going to have fun while doing it. Our teams and the parents behind them are amazing people and we’ll be engaging in various social activities throughout the year, both on a team and program level. Obviously we’ll have to remain creative due to Covid!

What is the cost if I accept a position for 2021/22?

Our program fee for 2021/22 will remain at $600. This will cover all program costs including: practice jerseys, year-round training, summer tournaments, equipment, fields, fall/winter and spring leagues. There are no additional costs associated with travel fees or coach fees as you may see in other programs.

The uniform kit for 2021/22 is being designed as I write this, and will be a completely custom uniform, unique to SK United. The expected cost for the uniform kit will be around $150, and will include the home/away jerseys, shorts, and socks. Additional items can be purchased at discounted costs throughout the year.

Some teams may wish to participate in additional tournaments throughout the year (three tournaments are typically funded through registration fees each year), or engage in indoor soccer sessions, etc. Coaches will notify the team members during the first team meeting if they expect there to be any additional costs specific to a team.

What can I do to become involved in the program?

SK United is growing, and we are in need of multiple levels of assistance. ANYONE who is interested (as long as you are age 13 and up) can be put to good use. We have a player committee who is taking an active role in management of the program, a select committee that assists in program development and oversight, we need schedulers, field preppers, team managers, registrars, and a host of other creative roles. I believe that time commitments must be respected, so whether you have an hour a month or 40 hours a week to give, I’ll honor that commitment.

If you would like to discuss ways to become involved, email me at or call me at (253) 432-0505.

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