Changes to the SKSC Board and Open Positions
At this year's AGM, two new board members were added to the club! Join us in welcoming Preston Greer into his new role as Director of Coaching, and Kent Hassebrock into his role of Scheduler.
Also at the AGM, the following people's terms were renewed for three years:
Gary Russell: Registrar
Wade Schmidt: VP of Fields
Jim Jeffries: VP of Equipment
Chris Bussman has transitioned from her role as NSYSA Representative into her new role of Mod (U9-U10) Coaching Director.
The following positions are vacant and open for immediate appointment by the Board:
Regulation Coaching Director
Micro Coaching Director
SKSC's success relies on dedicated volunteers who have a passion for the kids in our community. If you have any interest in volunteering, please reach out to one of our board members (contact information is on the bottom left of the home page at
Current Board Members

Committees and Additional Positions

In addition to the board-level positions, SKSC has several formalized roles that have regular openings:


Select Committee

Sponsorship Committee

Assistant Field Directors

Please contact one of the board members if you are interested in serving.