Rules of the Game

Here are some items for you coaches. Below is the Full Sided Operating Procedures put out by NSYSA and the Small Sided Operating Procedures put out by NSYSA.

Full Sided (U11 and up) Operating Procedures

Small Sided (U10 and below) Operating Procedures

Laws and FAQs
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U10 and Below Rule Addendum

NSYSA U10 and Below Addendum can be found here: CLICK HERE


1. No Slide Tackle is allowed for U10 & Below. - The exception would be the goal keeper inside the penalty area.

2. No Penalty Kicks are allowed for U10 & Below. - The ball will be brought to the top of the penalty area directly back from the spot of the foul and the restart will be a direct or indirect as appropriate.

3. U8 and below will only be allowed indirect kicks. (No direct kicks)

4. U08 and below - no offside rule. HOWEVER, If a team consistently positions a player at the opponent's goal then the referee may stop play and instruct the player and the coach to stop. If this continues, the referee may stop play and award an indirect kick to the other team.

5. For all free kicks, the defending player must be the center circle radius away from the ball.

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LAW III PLAYER RESTRICTIONS , SectionC. Playing Time: (Coaches Responsibility)

a. Each player will receive meaningful playing time with a goal of 50%. Substitutions will be
allowed in order to give an opportunity for all players to get equal playing time and to balance
rather than to run up the score.

Offside (FIFA Rule 11) Explained:

Here is an offside video that is really good for giving the basic instruction of offside and is easy to understand for anyone who is new to the FIFA law.

Click HERE for link to video.