Spring Tryouts
Posted Jan 2, 2018

2019 Tryout Sessions:

2010-2008 Boys and Girls: May 4, 10a-12p (Retsil Park)

2007-2005 Girls: May 8, 6p-8p; May 11, 1p-3p (Retsil)

2007-2005 Boys: May 9, 6p-8p; May 11, 10a-12p (Retsil)

2004-2001 Girls: May 15, 6p-8p (Retsil)

2004-2001 Boys: May 4, 1-3p (Retsil Park)

To register for 2019's open tryouts, click HERE. (You will register under the "players" category for select tryouts)

Tryout and Player Evaluation Opportunities: In previous years, the tryout process was intended for players who were applying to play at the select level.  This year, we would like to extend the invitation to ALL players, as it is a great opportunity to work on your skills, learn a bit more about select-level play, and receive feedback from coaches on each player's areas of strength and areas of development.  There is no charge for tryouts.

Registration: Players register for a single age group within their gender. Players are permitted to tryout for an older age group to play one year up, but may not tryout for a younger age group. Please register for the team that matches the year you were born, as this is the standard for US Soccer clubs. (Age will be verified before a player can be issued a player card by WA Youth Soccer or US Club, which is required for league play and presented to referees before each match.)

What To Wear: Wear proper equipment, but please avoid wearing your team/club jerseys. Wear cleats and shinguards. Bring layers as the weather dictates.

What To Bring: Bring water, soccer cleats, and shinguards.  Bring an attitude to do your best and enjoy playing soccer! Bring your favorite ball if you wish.

Time And Duration: Tryouts are typically held such that each age and gender have two opportunities to attend. Attending both sessions increases the player's chance to be accurately evaluated. Upon arrival, players will check in and be assigned a number.  Tryouts are typically 90-120 minutes in duration, plus the additional time to check in and warm up.  If you can't make the session for your specific age group, please email the director of club select at: select@skoccer.com to inquire about options.

Check-In: Upon arrival, players must check-in with the tryout coordinators. On the first day players will receive a numbered jersey to use for the tryout.  On subsequent days, after checking in, players must wear that same tryout number. Once checked-in, the player will be directed to their age group to begin warm-ups and evaluation.

Parents are not permitted on the tryout field and should refrain from engaging with the coaches/evaluators during this time. Everyone will be focused on facilitating and evaluating the performance of your child during the tryout session.  Members of the coaching staff will contact you after the final session for individualized feedback. 

The Tryout: The tryout is much like a practice.  As players participate in drills, play small-sided scrimmages, and engage in other activities, they will be observed by evaluators and scores recorded on technical skills as well as other factors such as sportsmanship, physical fitness (speed, endurance), coachability, communication, and several game-related components.  A copy of the evaluation form will be posted on the website prior to tryouts.  

Tryout Results and Notifications: We will be using an automated notification system which will send an email invite to players within 48 hours of the final tryout session for your age group (so please make sure we have an accurate email at the time of check-in!). Players can then choose to accept or decline the invitation. If you haven't received your email notification within 48 hours, please email: select@sksoccer.com.

As Select is a competitive program, there may be some cuts based upon assessment criteria, player pool, and other program-level considerations.  If a player is cut they are encouraged to play in the recreational program, but our goal is to provide all committed and motivated players a chance to experience the soccer program that they desire. Even after tryouts have been completed, the Select program continues to actively evaluate recreational players for potential tournament play and partners with the recreational program to provide avenues for player development.  There may also be opportunities to play to the next older year, or we may direct you to other opportunities with our NSYSA member clubs in Kitsap County as the clubs cooperate to offer teams to the community together.

Email the Director of Select (Matthew McDaniel) at select@sksoccer.com if you have any questions about the SK United program, or about the tryout/ assessment process.

Finally, here's some great advice about tryouts from our Director of Coaching:

**Rest, water and nutrition well ahead of time...not just day of.

**100% effort with everything but especially fitness, endurance and anything without the ball. 

**Show coaches your strength. Tryouts are not a time to highlight other players but to show what you can do in hopes of cracking into a team possibly already with a starting lineup. This may mean blazing quickness, great service in from the flanks, a sound first touch or being a free-kick specialist. Whatever you do well!

**Be vocal, communicate and organize...even if in small groups. Coaches are looking for leaders. It may push you out of your comfort zone but organize (even if it is just organizing players in a line or in small groups of 2 or 3 on the field).

**Be a good teammate. Encourage other players. If you make a mistake-RECOVER quickly and move on-if you do something spectacular-act like it happens all the time and move on... don’t act surprised.

**Have fun and think about the process. At the end of each session and at the end of tryouts no matter how they go analyze your performance and what you could do better. You will only tryout for so many teams in your lifetime and it is a process and takes a mindset unique to itself-unlike normal team training.