About South Kitsap Soccer Club's Select (SK United) Program:

South Kitsap Soccer Club's United program is a select-level offering with a focus on promoting a community environment and a team approach that has endured for over 40 years. The volunteers that make up SK United invest our time and energy to develop players, provide avenues for higher levels of competition, foster teamwork and a shared sense of identity, and build character and sportsmanship among players.

What is the cost for select soccer?

The cost of registration for the select program is $600, plus the cost of the uniform kit. This fee covers all club related expenses as well as registration fees for tournaments. The 2019 program budget will be finalized on April 7, 2019, and will be publicly available for review on this page starting on April 8, 2019.

Click HERE for more information on uniforms and equipment.

What is the difference between recreational and select-level play?

Select soccer is a offering that falls between recreational-level play and premier-level programs. Recreational-level play is focused on having fun, and the focus is on ensuring equal play time for all players. Recreational teams usually begin practing after the teams are formed in August, and play against local teams during the Fall.

Select involves a tryout, being invited onto a team, and practices begin immediately after team formation. We try to participate in a few tournaments over the summer and start the season in the fall, with opportunities for additional training and team activities continuing in the spring. We participate in the PSPL league, with matches typically taking place in the greater Puget Sound region.

The time commitment for select-level programs is higher than for recreational play. However, commitments to family, church, and school come first. School grades are always more important than soccer. Many of our players are also involved in multiple other sports, which is encouraged! Whether players are involved in multiple sports or not, we ask that each player respect their commitment to attending practices, games, and team activities as their schedule permits.

Practices and games are more focused than recreational level play, with an expectation that players give their best effort. Not everyone has the same talents or physical ability, but we will expect that every player puts in their best effort to benefit the team. Select practices and games are more serious than recreational programs, but the main goals remain to have fun, become better soccer players, and train life skills that develop our players into adults of strong character.

Since this is a competitive level of play, playing time will NOT be equal. It is important for players and parents to know that playing time will be based on talent, commitment to the team, attitude, player safety, and game plans developed by the coaching staff. Technical skills on the field are obviously an important factor, but attitude, commitment, vision, work-ethic, and other less quantitative factors are also an important consideration.

What is the difference between select and premier soccer?

The difference between select and premier is less drastic than the difference between recreational and select. Premier usually involves year-round play, and a commitment by parents and players to make soccer participation a much higher priority.

United coaches work hard to develop our select players' skills in an effort to provide as many opportunities for advancement as possible. Skilled players who are desiring to pursue premier level play will be referred to our partner premier-level clubs.

United Coaches

Select-level coaches are required to achieve licenses/diplomas either through United Soccer Coaches or through U.S. Soccer and participate in ongoing training each year. The minimum qualification for select-level coaches is an 11v11 diploma through United Soccer Coaches or USSF.

While United coaches will train and coach to win, we will never do so at the expense of a player's enjoyment, development, or well-being. Contrary to popular belief, "winning" is usually one of the least cited reasons given by children as to why they like to participate in competitive soccer! Our coaching staff believes that winning will be a natural outcome if we focus on the core principles of: providing a fun and engaging learning environment; fostering teamwork and sportsmanship; building players of character; and teaching players that success is measured by doing your best.

United Players

Simply stated, United players are expected to always put forth their best effort. This refers not only to their effort on the field, but their effort on the sideline, at school, and in the community. We expect United players to be models of exceptional sportsmanship and character.

United Parents

We can't expect United players to become models of exceptional sportsmanship and character, unless we as coaches and parents model the behavior we expect to see. We need to make sure that our words and actions, throughout the process and experience, remain positive and encouraging. We all need to set an example of proper behavior for our players, and for our community.


There is more information on Select / Competitive soccer at the web site, and at the WA Youth Soccer web site

You may also email any questions to the club's Director of Select (Matthew McDaniel) at:

2018 Fall Season Results


SK United G05: Second Place PSPL Copa 1W

SK United G06: Third Place PSPL Copa 1W

SK United B06: Third Place PSPL Copa 1W

SK United B00: Fifth Place PSPL Classic 1W

Fall 2017 PSPL Season Results

2017 PSPL Fall Season Results

GU12 Copa 1 West: SK United- First Place

BU14 Copa 1 West: SK United- Fourth Place

High School Boys Classic West: SKSC United- Fourth Place

GU14 Copa 1 West: SK United- Seventh Place


The SK United teams have proudly joined forces with Diadora as its official uniform supplier.

United uniforms and supporter-wear can currently be purchased from Winners Sports Wear at

2019 Tournament Schedule

All select teams try to participate in three tournaments during the summer. We try to coordinate tournaments among our teams to make transportation a bit easier on parents. 2019 SK United Select teams will be encouraged to attend the following tournaments, so mark your calendars!

2: July 19-21, Starfire Sounders Cup
3: August 16-18, Starfire Extreme Cup

2018 SKSC United coaching staff applications and assignments are closed for the 2018 season. If you are interested in being considered for a role on the 2019 coaching staff, please email the Director of Club Select at

Select-level coaches are required to achieve licenses/diplomas either through United Soccer Coaches or through U.S. Soccer and participate in ongoing training each year.