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OFFSIDE Rule (FIFA Law XI) Explained

Here is an offside video that is really good for giving the basic instruction of offside and is easy to understand for anyone who is new to the FIFA law.

Click HERE for link to video.

U10 and Below Rule Addendum

NSYSA U10 and Below Addendum can be found here: CLICK HERE


1. No Slide Tackle is allowed for U10 & Below. - The exception would be the goal keeper inside the penalty area.

2. No Penalty Kicks are allowed for U10 & Below. - The ball will be brought to the top of the penalty area directly back from the spot of the foul and the restart will be a direct or indirect as appropriate.

3. U8 and below will only be allowed indirect kicks. (No direct kicks)

4. U08 and below - no offside rule. HOWEVER, If a team consistently positions a player at the opponent's goal then the referee may stop play and instruct the player and the coach to stop. If this continues, the referee may stop play and award an indirect kick to the other team.

5. For all free kicks, the defending player must be the center circle radius away from the ball.

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LAW III PLAYER RESTRICTIONS , SectionC. Playing Time: (Coaches Responsibility)

a. Each player will receive meaningful playing time with a goal of 50%. Substitutions will be
allowed in order to give an opportunity for all players to get equal playing time and to balance
rather than to run up the score.

On-line Coach Education & Practice Materials
US Youth Soccer has come out with new coaching education activities, click here for practice activies for U6 - U12.
Bringing more soccer opportunities to our players, fostering a strong soccer community and creating better development environments for our players all mean supporting and growing coach development opportunities.
South Kitsap Soccer Club honors coaching education both from United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA). The objectives of coaching education are:
  • To develop our coaches knowledge and understanding of the game
  • To implement modern and relevant age appropriate training curriculums and initiatives to promote long term player development in our club
  • To cultivate a culture of coaches whose foundation is built on best practices
  • To inspire coaches of all ages to continue their personal and professional development as educators of the game
  • To solidify a coaching education pathway where coaches can matriculate through our system
  • To monitor and evaluate our programs to ensure that we our providing the best service and support possible to our membership

U6, U8, U10, and U12 Coaching Certificates avaliable through an online course with Washington Youth Soccer. These online coaching modules are for new coaches & parents and are dedicated to promoting coaching education to the volunteer parent coach who wishes to continue to educate themselves in the fundamentals of soccer development

NSCAA eLearning - this site offers numerous online training courses to improve your coaching. Ask the club about possible course fee reimbursement.

U7-U8 Practice Plan - For those coaches looking for new drills for their teams, here is a ten week program to help you provide fun age appropriate drills with coaching tips for you.

U5 - U6 Practice Plan - For those new and returning coaches looking for new fun and exciting drills for their teams. Here is a ten week program to help you provide fun age appropriate drills with coaching tips.

United States Soccer Federation (USSF) offers a downloadable coaching curriculum. The curriculum is designed to improve development of players in the organized player base in the United States, concentrating on creating more organized, age-appropriate training sessions, developing coaching practices and creating an environment that is fun for the players


There is additional online training provided by the National Federation of High School Associations at Here you can find courses on the fundamentals of coaching, coaching soccer, sports first aid, and concussion training. The courses are all online and done at your own pace, they come with supporting documents as well as helpful videos. The soccer course provides some very good short videos on various drills and what to be looking for as well as teaching points for the specific drill.

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