History and Philosophy

The South Kitsap Soccer Club Serving the Community Since 1975
South Kitsap Soccer Club (SKSC) is located in Port Orchard, Washington, and is affiliated with US Youth Soccer (through membership in the Northwest Sound Youth Soccer Association (NSYSA), a member of Washington State Youth Soccer. SKSC is also affiliated with US Club Soccer. Our select teams play with the Puget Sound Premier League. SKSC has been serving the Kitsap community, providing its members with organized soccer programs since 1975.

Our Promise
We are dedicated to developing and transforming well-balanced individuals into successful, well trained and disciplined soccer players. We do this through teaching the technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspects of the game in an inspirational environment where creativity, innovation, confidence and teams thrive.

SKSC Volunteers
The club provides the opportunity for organized soccer training, development and games. We do this with the help of many community volunteers who are devoted to helping us ensure that we can provide memorable experiences for our youth.

Balanced Approach
Our players learn that friendship, community and scholastics are important factors in team and personal success. It will be our goal to support these values at all times. Our players are also expected to volunteer as teenagers and give back to the program at the recreational micro, mod and regulation level, as well as select, the academy program and all future tournaments. Parents will also be asked to volunteer for tournaments.

Competitive Spirit and Conduct
Our players are expected to give their best when in competition and are expected to work hard in order to improve themselves. This effort will assist in optimizing overall team performance in practice, during competition and away from the club when they represent the club at tournaments and in our community.

Self-Esteem, Poise and Confidence
Our players are coached with positive reinforcement and progress through our soccer program in an effort to produce increasingly confident and successful young adults. This process will include parent participation that will work in a cooperative and collaborative manner to prepare players for a highly competitive world. Our goal is to produce players who are comfortable under pressure and trained to think and act quickly and responsibly using the disciplines and habits acquired through consistent training.

Truth and Honesty
Honesty means being trustworthy and sincere in accordance with experience and facts. Lying, cheating, stealing, or the appearance of impropriety, are unacceptable.

Operational Transparency
The South Kitsap Soccer Club is committed to fair and open communication in regards to the business of the Club. We will proactively seek review and improvement of our methods, processes and actions while we listen and learn from others within our membership, our local soccer community and the global family of passionate soccer players and coaches.

Club Integrity
We take full responsibility for our actions. We demonstrate our integrity when we can and will always work through disagreements with honesty, respect and consideration for others. We honor our commitments and we accept responsibility for our actions. We are committed to being fair with our players, parents, opponents, referees, other clubs, associations and governing organizations.

Fair Play Code of Conduct
We adhere to all aspects of the FIFA Fair Play Code. We treat others with dignity. We take the high road in all our dealings. We must consider what is right and just in all our decisions. Our players are taught that fairness is the basis for sport and that the rules exist for the benefit of all competitors. And, fair play is what we will instill in our players as part of the training and development process. This will be an inherent quality of our club, our coaches, and our players.

Inclusion in the Game
We strongly believe there is a place for every child who desires to play soccer in some facet of our Club. We strive to provide as many opportunities to play soccer as possible. We do not close the door on any chance for a child who wishes to interact with a soccer ball, teammates and have fun enjoying a healthy active experience.