Rootbear Jamboree
SKSC P.O. Box 23
Port Orchard
Washington 98366

Rootbear Jamboree 2009

The Great Root Bear Jamboree is scheduled for Saturday, August 23, 2014 at Marcus Whitman Jr. High.

Registration for the Jamboree is now open. This jamboree is for recreational teams registered with Washington Youth Soccer ONLY! This is a fun day for all, so contact your coach and let them know you want to play in the Great Root Bear Jamboree (RBJ).

Tournament fees:

$100 for U7 - U8; $150 for U9 - U10

All teams are guaranteed 3 games. All games will start on the hour by an airhorn and will stop on the airhorn. Each game will consist of two 20 minutes halves. All other rules will follow NSYSA U10 and Below rules, the mercy rule will not apply to the jamboree. Click here from NSYSA rules.

We will have food vendors, equipment vendor, and a t-shirt vendor.

For more information contact the Jamboree Director Joi Haner at president@sksoccer.com

Click here for the schedule

Schedule Change for BU9 as of 8/20



The schedule for the RBJ has been posted on the website and I have attached it as well. If you find a mistake please let me know right away so it can be corrected. I want to point out a couple of things.

  1. All games will begin on the hour and will start on the sound of the air horn. Halftime and the end of the game will also start and stop on the sound of the air horn.
  2. Half time is 5 minutes and the game will start on the sound of the horn whether your team is on the field or not.
  3. ABSOLUTELY NO ANIMALS ARE ALLOWED. This is a school district and club rule. Anyone with an animal will be asked to leave so please inform your parents to leave their animals at home.
  4. This is our training opportunity for our young referees so we will not allow any belittling or demeaning behavior towards the referees, as they will be teenagers. If we observe this behavior the offending party will be removed from the jamboree and the field complex. This includes coaches, players, parents, and spectators.
  5. Registration tent will open at 8 a.m. and all teams must check in prior to their first scheduled game. Teams must provide the registration tent an original copy of their roster. This roster must be signed by your respective club registrar and list your guest players. You are only allowed 3 guest players, select and premier players are not allowed. If you do not provide a signed roster you will not be allowed to participate. SKSC coaches the registrar will have your rosters at the registration tent.
  6. All accounts must be paid in full by the time you check in.
  7. Absolutely no recruiting or poaching players will be allowed. If we receive a complaint of recruiting or poaching the offending party will be removed from the jamboree.

We are expecting nice weather for Saturday so bring plenty of water and sunscreen and be prepared to have fun!

This years Root Bear Jamboree is sponsored by Kitsap Auto Outlet.

I would also like to thank our other sponsors, 911 Driving School of Port Orchard / Silverdale, Washington State Patrol Troopers Association and Stacie Brown LMP.